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What We Do

Jute bags
Jute (likewise know as hessian) is one of the most seasoned customary bundling materials.
A rug is a material floor covering ordinarily comprising of an upper layer of heap joined to a sponsorship.
Geotex Bags
Geobags are little soil holders that are made of non-woven geotextile, utilized for slant assurance and waterway preparing work.
Jute Yarn
Jute yarn is a string or string made by turning regular jute strands together. Roughly 90% of all jute fiber is turned into yarn.
An incubator is where fish or bird eggs are brought forth. Would you like to raise chickens so you can have new eggs consistently.
Chicken Eggs
You’ll most likely purchase your birds as infants from an incubator. Little poultry incubators produce chicks that are typically offered to lawn ranchers.

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Steps in Our Works

Despite the fact that it varies by industry, it can basically be separated into seven phases: ideation, research, arranging, prototyping, obtaining, costing, and commercialization. Utilize the accompanying improvement structure to offer your own item thought for sale to the public.

Collect Raw Metatrails
The creation, assortment, or extraction of unrefined substance for the development of labor and products, particularly straightforwardly from the indigenous habitat.
Production Pre Analysis
Preproduction comes from the get-go in the filmmaking system, after improvement and before creation. Sorting out the spending plan.
Creation arranging is the demonstration of fostering an aide for the plan and creation of a given item or administration.
Finalize Product
The architect’s last liability will probably be to go to the main press check.

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Hi, Welcome to our Mamun Group. Here about all of the Mamun Group let go watch the video and enjoy your time

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Core Features of Mamun Group

The Mamun Group follow some importent rules of high quality product development for exported perpus.

100% Export Oriented Product

The Mamun Group always try to exported 100% Quality Assurance product for the clients

Quality Assurance

The Mamun Group always try to exported 100% Quality Assurance product for the clients

Product Design

The Mamun Group always try to exported 100% Quality Assurance product for the clients

Product Sustainability

The Mamun Group always try to exported 100% Quality Assurance product for the clients

Why Choose Mamun Group

Mr. Md. Shaheen Shahabuddin Mamun – is the visionary of this unique venture focused to conduct welfare to the grass root farmers, thereby contribute to the sustained development of the country’s economy. His philosophy is to develop and “Social Business” enterprise rather then conventional profit-driven business house.

Agricultural sector of the country contribution about 65% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the contribution of industrial sector is about 29% still then the country is required to speed up the process of industrialization to increase domestic productions for local consumption, import substitute and/or for export. The rapid industrialization will also help to solve unemployment problem. For this reason Mamun Group are expanding its eco-friendly industries and production capabilities to contribute to our economical development.
Mamun Group to be recognized as the bench mark in the Agricultural sector, this will be accomplished through product perfection, quality excellence and the best customer services in this sector in Bangladesh.
Creative & Resourceful Treat ourselves and others with respect Believe in sharing knowledge with others Be a leader, not to be a follower First priority is to safety and security No compromise with quality issue Follow local alliances wherever we go Gradually improve product quality Dedicated customer services for 24 X 7 Seeking win-win solution We go ahead step by step to ensure better quality we are open to change and maintain flexibility Celebrate and enjoy the journey

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